Confessions Of A Mistress

My New PornHub Prolife

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Give Me some love guys!!!

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Do you Know? (Link to Free Squirt Tease)

Do you know, I have a clip out under the name Muffie Slayer (My Derby Name)? It's made it on over 70 websites, But I will send My love to PornHub

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Urethral Sounding

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I have to tell you boys, I really enjoy this. The first time I was trained to use the sounds, I felt like a naughty, evil scientist. I was in a room with two other beautiful women and a sexy male patient. He was laying in wait for three hot women to use him or more appropriately his huge dick as a training tool.

All three of Us Women started stroking his penis at once. Let Me tell you, this boy was in heaven. It was somewhat surreal though. Myself and the other Women were all very serious most of the time. We were listening to the instruction given and applying what We were told. The occasional glance at his giddy face always broke Us out into laughter. Imagine the look on your face if Myself and two others were working over your tool. ;-)

We each took turns inserting a hollow sound in his urethra. When it was My turn I used My right hand to insert. I slowly moved the sound up and down while stroking his hard cock with My left hand. That combination of movements took him over the edge. I could feel his orgasm building inside him. He moaned and shuddered hard. I knew his orgasm was complete, but his cum was trapped inside him. Once I removed the sound his semen just seeped out of the tip of his dick. It was such a sexy sight. I couldn't wait to do it again.

I know a few of you look at the sounds and there is an immediate, NO WAY response.  Don't be afraid, everything I do to you WILL be enjoyable.

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Can We give a girl to many orgasms? It seems so!!

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 Illianna thinks this is going to be a fun little threesome. Little does she know that Candace and Cassie have other things in mind. Sure, it starts all fun and games until the Two Dommes pin Illianna down and force her to have orgasm after orgasm until she stops breathing. They dont care, They just laugh!  

I came across this on illianna's site and laughed My ass off!! It's still funny what We did to her!! This was such a fun shoot!!! Here is a little clip of the end result.

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