Confessions Of A Mistress

My interview with Busty World.

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This is silly but I thought you might enjoy it!!

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Session 1 Part 3

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I can't possibly tell you the joy I get when I strap up. This toy becomes a powerful extension of Myself. I find it so ironic that a dick makes Me feel I pull My fingers out of My sweet boys ass. Then I take the tip of My cock and rub it around on him. My boy purrs with delight. I ask him what he wants. He replies,"to be Your bitch Mistress."

I enjoy teasing him. I tell him that he needs to speak up. This time he says it with more enthusiasm. I continue rubbing on him. I lean over his body so he feels the weight of Me. The pleasure of My body touching his and the pins being manipulated on his nipples have gentle moans escaping his lips. I run My fingers through his hair and grab a handful. Pulling his head back, I whisper in his ear that he better start begging Me for it.

His pleading makes Me laugh, what a silly boy. To hear him beg for My cock over and over again stirs something deep inside Me. It excites Me on some primal level. I grab the back of his collar and pull. At the same time, I slide deep inside him. The sound of the air escaping his lungs makes Me so wet. Slowly, I inch almost out of him, then slam balls deep in....

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Session 1 Part 2

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I was feeling like using this boy a bit rough today. It had been months since his ass has been abused by Me. I felt like reminding him exactly Who owned his ass. The best way to do that, is by breaking it in over and over again. I pushed him over the bench and he flinched. The pins on his nipples had been pushed on by his weight, which causes such delicious pain. Kicking his legs apart, I giggled and told him he was going for a ride.

I covered My gloved hand in lube. The first finger went in easily. I love the way his ass grips Me. When I pulled out  then shoved three fingers in, he screamed out, Thank You Mistress. I worked his tight little hole over. I was pushing him hard knowing he needed it. The pins on his nipples were moving back and forth as I fucked him with My hand. I had to get him ready for what was to come next....

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Session 1 part 1

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I had a very Hot session the other day. My pet looks like a handsome version of a famous actor. No, I'm not telling you what actor. Let your imagination run wild. I will say that he has almost black hair with flints of silver, green eyes, and a lean muscular body.

He came in stripped and assumed the proper greeting position. Arms behind back, hands clasped on elbows, legs spread, and head bowed. With out a word, I ran My fingers over his chest. he makes the sweetest little shudder. I smiled at him and proceeded to put on his collar. The transformation that can be seen once a Mistress collars Her pet is divine. One can actually see the relief in a person when they feel owned. The collar is a reminder of the control I have over him. It gives him the feeling of My hand at his throat, even when they are otherwise occupied.

I reached behind him and grabbed My stack of clothes pins. O/our eyes met for a brief moment. The desire that was emanating off of him was palpable. When he felt the first pin pinch his nipple, a soft moan escaped his lips.

 I asked him," How does that make you feel boy?"

 My pets response, " it makes me feel like i am Yours, and that You will do with me as You see fit. All week i long to feel You control me, Ma'am."

"What does My control feel like to you," I ask?

'' it feels like i can let go into a sea of warm sensual bliss," he whispered.

"Such a good boy," I said as I continued to put all the clothes pins on him.

I covered his balls in a mound of pins, they are Mine now. Three pins…

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