Do not label yourself as unacceptable for Me based on assumptions about My preferences or personality or what you've seen in videos; I am easy going, incredibly understanding, and I respect those who respect Me, regardless of differences in lifestyle or philosophy. I equally encourage women and couples to meet with Me as well.

It must be noted that while I do push limits, I never violate them in a cavalier manner. It is My belief that amazingly intense experiences can be achieved without violating the boundaries that are carved out for a mutually beneficial experience for all. I am strongly committed to scening in a safe, sane way that preserves your sense of well-being. My discretion is guaranteed.

Be forewarned My sessions are designed to get the maximum participation from you so that you will release all that you have to Me, and then have you coming back begging for more!

Come now and serve your Mistress. Tributes start at $250/hour. If you are a very deviant little sub the tribute will increase. These rates are non-negotiable. ** Credit Cards Accepted

Do not waste My time. My time, as well as yours, is valuable. If you are unable to keep an appointment, make contact as soon as possible to reschedule. ***If you should be a no-show/no-call, your number will be blocked. If you lack respect for My time you will NEVER session with Me.***